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Is free speech not worth it (No replies)

1 month ago
Colin 1 month ago

I'm out fir a beer or 2 and sitting at the bar.

It monday afternoon and the pub ain't what you would call, busy.

A bloke can in which is known to the staff.

Sits ,or should I say pulls up a stool right next to me 

Gets his beer and then scrolls though his phone for the next 2 pints.

I say, hello, how's things, with an answer of fine 

Never speaks again but continues to scroll his phone 

Is not only free speech in danger but speech its self.

Pubs / bars used to be a place of meeting, talk  and at times a heated argument.

They are no longer a place of community meeting.

The older I get the more displaced and disappointed in the community I get.

Perhaps Facebook can build an app where I don't actually have to engage with another human being

.I dred the future





Awake. Not Woke

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